About Sheilas Shave Club

The Club

Ladies, men had their turn. Now it’s time for us to have our own shave club. The days of paying the “Pink Tax” are over! Welcome to Sheila’s Shave Club. We’re proud to be the leader in providing women with an exclusive, affordable, and most importantly, relaxing shaving experience. We pride ourselves on offering women high-quality products paired with an unbeatable convenience factor. Join a community of women who are discovering a new way to shave smarter. Don’t let time, money, or well-deserved beauty slip by you, because each woman deserves the best that she can get when it comes to razors, shaving products, skin care, and more.

Learn more about our options and we’ll ship your preferred razor right to your front door, every month. Not convinced? Take a closer look at what our razor has to offer.

The Razor

Every aspect of our razor is designed for women. They’re sleek, feminine, and they all have five blades to give you the closest shave possible. A flexible head and bikini trimmer hug every curve and contour on your body, and our sharp, American-made steel and vitamin E moisturizing strips ensure that your skin feels smooth and nourished after every shave. Your shave should end with silky skin, not bumps or cuts! The razor heads easily slide onto our chrome and pink handles that merge sturdy metal and rubber to create a comfortable handle that is easy to grip in the shower or bath.

So join Sheila’s Shave Club today to learn that you’re not just getting a close shave with us, you’re getting an experience.

The Cause

Sheila’s Shave Club isn’t just giving better razors to women. We also recognize the importance of giving back which is why a portion of each razor subscription we give to Breast Cancer Awareness. Join Sheilas Shave Club today and help Shave for a Cure.

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