Sarah Raven's best Christmas gifts for gardeners in 2023, from tools to seed kits

From garden ornaments to tool sets, here are the best Christmas gifts for gardeners in 2023 (just in case a Dobbies gift card won’t cut it)

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If anyone is going to find you the best gifts for gardeners, it’s The Telegraph’s dedicated team of horticulturists. This year, we asked expert gardener Sarah Raven to find the best gardeners’ Christmas gifts and she’s come up trumps. 

Ranging from tools to seed subscriptions, garden chairs and secateurs, these presents start at under a tenner and none will cost more than £100. You’re almost guaranteed to find something for the gardener in your life. And if that gardener is you, well, here’s your Christmas wish list – courtesy of Sarah. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary:

Which are the best Christmas gifts for gardeners in 2023? At a glance

Best Christmas gifts for gardeners


 1. Bee Border Cambridge University Botanic Garden

£24, Not On The High Street  

Best overall

Sarah says: “Selected to be stacked full of nectar or pollen for bees, this collection of seed from the Cambridge Botanic Gardens are perfect for the beginner gardener/seed sower, whatever age.” 

Price at
Not On The High Street

2. Herb seed subscription

£10, Jekka’s

Best value

Sarah says: “And if you’re sowing seed, why not continue all year round? Good for chefs and gardeners from the Queen of herbs, Jekka McVicar’s nursery, carefully chosen seed packs of the best, easiest to grow and tastiest varieties are sent out at regular intervals at their best moment for sowing.” 

Price at

3. Niwaki secateurs 

£42, Niwaki 

Best garden tool gift

Sarah says: “Light and nimble, for small and chunkier stems, these secateurs are amongst our favourites at home. The tools from this brand are — in my experience — pretty much all fantastic.”

Price at

4. Scented pelargonium handcream 

£18, C. Atherley

Best Christmas gift for women who garden

Sarah says: “Made by Cath Kidstone’s new brand, a delicious, rose-pelargonium leaf hand-cream, rich and moisturising, ideal after a day of gardening.”

Price at
C. Atherley

5. Seed Collecting Kit 

£17.50, Creeper and Knotweed

Best practical Christmas gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “Having a system and somewhere to store seeds means we’re more likely to harvest them — and then know where they are when we want to sow again.”

Price at
Creeper and Knotweed

6. Small Flower Press

 £35, JamJar Edit

Best unusual Christmas gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “Flower pressing is a great way of preserving favourites from the garden and has become fashionable again. Frame your pressings on black card for your walls, or go for it and decorate a lampshade.” 

Price at
JamJar Edit

7. Merino wool socks in pink and orange

£22, Danish Endurance  

Best clothing gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “Super comfy socks for wearing with gardening boots in great colours. Really hard-wearing for cosy feet right through the colder months.” 

Price at
Danish Endurance

8. Waterproof notebook

£18.99, Shepherds Walks 

Best stocking filler gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “With our winters and springs increasingly wet, these waterproof notebooks are invaluable for taking notes at home and whilst out visiting gardens.” 

Price at
Shepherds Walks

9. Hori Hori tool

£32, Niwaki

Best tool gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “The best multi-purpose tool which we fight over at Perch Hill. Brilliant for planting and weeding — you can hoik out even stubborn taproots weeds like docks and thistles.” 

Price at
Shepherds Walks

10. Stainless steel picking buckets

£45.47, Buzz Catering 

Best useful gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “Life-lasting stainless steel, picking buckets, an invaluable present for anyone who loves harvesting garden flowers. I’ve had mine for 20 years.” 

Price at
Buzz Catering Supplies

11. From Seed to Bloom by Milli Proust

£20, Hatchards

Best gardening book to buy for Christmas

Sarah says: “A beautiful book ideal for beginner gardeners on sowing and growing from seed, plus great tips for excellent arranging.” 

Price at

12. Pruning Saw

£25.17, Stihl   

Best pruning gift for gardeners

Sarah says: “The best value fold-away pruning knife which stays sharp after pretty hard use. Stihl make great, basic, hard-wearing tools.” 

Price at

13. Microgreen kits

£49.95, Teeny Greeny

Best growing kit gift

Sarah says: “Microgreens are not only extremely tasty, packed with flavour and with a high density of antioxidants and minerals in every leaf they’re good for us too. Even with no garden, you can still grow these.” 

Price at
Teeny Greeny

14. Rosa mutabilis

£27.99, Crocus

Best flower gift

Sarah says: “Give either potted or for extra value, bare root is a great way of giving roses. I love this rose with a healthy constitution and long life to ensure it’ll be flowering in a garden this summer and twenty summers from now. Lovely for picking too.” 

Price at

15. Ankle Wellie Boots 

£90, Toast

Best gift for men who garden

Sarah says: “Hard-wearing but super comfy and handsome with it, I love these for taking me right through winter with dry feet.”  

Price at

16. Paper White Narcissus 

£49.95, Sarah Raven

Best planted flower gift 

Sarah says: “And finally, if you’ll allow, a gift suggestion from my own store. Planted and already growing, (in peat-free compost) these are sent out in a pretty, hard-wearing zinc pot to flower for Christmas and fill rooms with their scent.”

Price at
Sarah Raven

Alice Vincent’s best gardening Christmas gifts

Last year, we asked urban gardener Alice Vincent to recommend some affordable Christmas gifts. Since many of them are still available and now even cheaper, we thought we’d include them in this year’s guide.

17. Bamboo cloche

From £12.99, Crocus

Alice says: “The most stylish way to keep squirrels, foxes and cats off neatly planted pots: this is an absolute bulb-saver over winter. There are a variety of sizes available, and they stack neatly in a shed or patio corner when out of use.”

Price at

18. Black Iron Watering Can

£28, Toast

Alice says: “Something of a supermodel of watering cans, this is a good gift for those who prove consistently hard to buy for: it’ll look as handsome on a kitchen shelf as it would on a patio table.”

Price at

19. Echoes Ceramic Birdbath

£40, RSPB

Alice says: “This charming glazed ceramic bird bath wouldn’t look out of place on a dining table, but its high-firing means its frost-resistant: perfect to offer feathered friends respite to bathe or drink in - increasingly important as our climate changes.” 

Price at

20. Hanging chair

£29.99, Wayfair

Alice says: “This timelessly striped cotton hanging chair looks far more expensive than it is, and folds down neatly for the cooler months. Perfect for those less-inspiring corners, or for those gardens short on space.”

Price at

21. Galvanised calendar seed trunk

£49.99, Crocus

Alice says: “It’s a rare gardener who finds they’re not out of room for seed-storage, and even those with plenty are unlikely to have a system both alphabetised and mouse-proof. This hardy solution ticks a lot of boxes, and is tough enough to be stored in a greenhouse or shed.”

Price at

Alice says: “The trend for entertaining outdoors isn’t going anywhere. Ensure warm nights and good vibes with this chic open fire facilitator, which doubles as a barbecue.”

Price at
Not On The High Street

23. Colourful jute twine

£4.25, Nutscene

Alice says: “Because nobody ever has quite enough of it. Even those who don’t stake or tie-in their plants will find a use for the stuff. Match the colour to the recipient’s personality!”

Price at